The Korean Ginseng root is the base of all our Jia Wei ginseng creams

About Jia Wei Ginseng Creams and Euro Enterprise

Euro Enterprise, Natural Dermal Technology was founded in January 1998.

The first product, which was then made available to the general public through demonstrations at various fairs, is our well-known Jia Wei skincare cream with ginseng.

After a while, due to increasing demand for a muscle cream, our laboratory developed the equally well-knownJia Wei muscle and joint cream with arnica.

Years of hard work and marketing produced more and more satisfied customers. The most remarkable stories about the benefits of our creams were recounted to us by grateful visitors to the fairs, in person as well as by telephone. It was a great feeling to know we were helping people.

Active market research led to the conclusion that we needed to make our products more widely known.

From 2001 we decided to distribute our Jia Wei Ginseng Creams via professional companies. Always focusing on quality and service. That's why Euro Enterprise can be certain that you and your customers will also be satisfied with Jia Wei Ginseng Creams.

Though you can't please everyone. However if we can work together to help people then at least we are doing some good.

Pampeago Skiing team
Sponsor of the local football club
Sponsor of a local cycling team
ADL Reeks A – Euro Enterprise Belgium Team
Jia Wei Ginseng Creams also sponsors several sports associations.