The Korean Ginseng root is the base of all our Jia Wei ginseng creams

What our customers have to say about Jia Wei ginseng creams

We truly want to thank you for the great service you have provided all these years!!! We are a family of six and we all suffer from very dry skin. We have tried everything but nothing helped until we discovered ginseng cream!!! So we simply can’t do without it and want to share this with others because it is definitely worth trying! I would highly recommend it! It improves the appearance and feel of your skin. LONG LIVE GINSENG CREAM !!!
Best wishes from some very satisfied customers.

Martine Vandeput - Limburg

My five-year-old daughter has suffered from really bad eczema since she was born. As I didn't want to use Cortisone cream we started to look around for an alternative. Homeopathy helped a lot and still does, but the eczema has noticeably improved with the daily application of the skincare cream on the eczema patches. Thanks to my sister-in-law, who recommended this cream, our daughter is a much happier and vibrant child. Thank you so much!!

Annick – Vorselaar

The ginseng skincare product is good for keeping troublesome ailments under control. After consulting several doctors their diagnosis was always the same: learn to live with it. After having experimented with other herbs and creams I came to the conclusion that the ginseng skincare cream provides good results.

Patrick – East Flanders

I also wanted to say something about the ginseng cream: my eight-year-old son has been suffering from athlete's foot for the past two years. I tried everything but without success. I finally used ginseng cream to ease the pain and it appeared to stop the pain and the itching and the cracks in the skin completely disappeared!! Hurrah!

Sabine – Antwerp

I have been using them for more than ten years, the green one and the red one. I use them everyday usually for cramps and varicose veins. I also use them for joint pain and breast care (it is a particular pain in the breast that disappears after using the cream for a month and then returns.) Every year we go on a winter sports holiday with a group of almost twenty people. They all know the cream and ask for it and the comments are always the same - 'it's excellent'. The tub is almost empty when we get home. I have never seen a similar product anywhere else and wouldn't want to be without it.

R. vandenabeele – Oudenaarde

I have a fifteen-year-old son who is suffering from athlete's foot that he developed after going swimming with his school. This has already been going on for a few years and we always visited the doctor about it. But it never really improved that much. The itching was better but his feet were really sore and cracked and didn't really heal with the medication prescribed by the doctor. Until I discovered ginseng cream and my son applied the cream to his feet everyday. The cracks have healed and there aren't even any scars. Since then if it appears he uses the cream and it goes away without leaving any sore wounds behind. Best regards from a very satisfied mother. Thanks you ginseng products.

Marleen Devroye – Flemish Brabant

Skin suffering from psoriasis: PUVA treatment -
Skin suffering from psoriasis treated with PUVA treatment and followed by treatment with ginseng skincare cream.